“I’ve had a chronic back problem for the last couple of years which I just couldn’t seem to get rid of. I had two sessions with Carolyn and the relief was almost immediate. Within a week I was astounded at the difference she’d made. For anyone looking for some extra help to get over a physical ailment, I highly recommend her.”

Deborah Holland SmithHolland Design and Marketing

Last year, I lost 40 lbs working with Carolyn Arnold and I’ve kept it off.

Since I was 4 years old, I’ve been an emotional eater. I used to eat when I was sad or anxious to comfort myself. I used to eat when I was happy to celebrate. Pretty much if I was feeling an emotion, there was a food to go with it.

The worst part was my nightly anxiety snack. Every night around 8 p.m., I’d have to have a bowl of ice cream or a bag of microwave popcorn.  It was the thing to quell my anxiousness and help me sleep.

I am an intelligent woman. I know that the extra 200 calories a night was what kept my weight on. And yet I couldn’t stop. It was like I was four years old again.  I was frustrated.

I had a few sessions with Carolyn. In one of the sessions, she regressed me to a young age. We encountered the memory, the moment that started this whole problem.  While under hypnosis, she helped me let go of that feeling of vulnerability.

That night I didn’t need a snack. I didn’t even think about a snack! I didn’t miss it. It was just suddenly bedtime.  The next night was the same thing. No snack required.

It’s been 15 months since we worked together, and in that entire time, I haven’t done any emotional eating. I enjoy my food, but it isn’t required to comfort me. I don’t find myself standing in front of the cupboard wanting to eat something to make the anxiety go away.

I didn’t expect that I would be able to be hypnotized, and I certainly didn’t think that the key was one locked away in my memory.  Carolyn’s hypnosis broke the link between comfort and eating. I highly recommend her.

Bridget Pilloud of IntuitiveBridge.com





Hi Carolyn,

So I’ve finally got round to writing an email, can’t believe it’s taken me this long!
I’ve been trying to sleep when he does and the days seem to fly by.
Here’s what happened:
We tried everything before being induced, acupuncture too but eventually when we were over by 20 days we agreed to be induced, that was on Monday.
At 4pm I had a gel, not much happened, had another gel at 11pm and surges started at about midnight.  I kept myself busy by watching blackadder DVDs and listening to my rainbow relaxation and breathing through the surges which were already quite strong. I could only have rich back when I was in yestablished labour, so at 3am he arrived and we went down to the delivery suite.
The pool had a crack in it so couldn’t use, but good news is that labour was only 3 hours! So I was nearly right!
I had an episiotomy and that has been the most uncomfortable thing to deal with.
The surges were a bit more uncomfortable than I expected but I still managed to breathe through them And rich was amazing. The midwife said we  looked really calm. I could really tell the difference if I forgot to relax during surges and glad rich kept reminding me. Jack was born at 6 am and we were back home by 4pm.

We had to be consultant led instead of midwifery led because he was past 2 weeks, but for the delivery and inducing we had a lovely midwife all the time who really understood what sort of birth we wanted, only had to have doctor at the end for episiotomy. And the pool- she said we could have had the pool as I only had gel to be induced, but it had got a crack and had leaked the day before !! So the water birth just wasn’t meant to be! I didn’t have pain relief except for local anaesthetic for stitches.
Hypnobirthing definitely really helped, we were calm, the days after have been easy too and jack is really chilled.
Breastfeeding is fine and nights are not too bad at all, so hypnobirthing has helped after too.  I’ll send you a photo
He’s gorgeous!

He is quite a long baby and just had dry skin on hands and feet cos he was a bit overcooked. He was 8lb 1oz so not that big but long legs, arms and feet! He’s 2 weeks and 4 days old now. He’s such a contented baby and we play the comfort zone to him to soothe him if necessary – he does seem to recognise it!

Gabi & Richard

Hi Carolyn!

As you’ve probably seen we had a baby girl Wed night.

My waters went Tues eve and my mid-wife arrived at 7am Wed. I was using the hypnobirthing techniques which worked amazingly well! I was already 8cm dilated when my midwife arrived! By 10am I was fully dilated and second midwife in attendance. They both commented that you wouldn’t know I was in labour and it was the most relaxing birth they had ever seen!!

I started using gas & air at this point as I was getting tired but still managed to using my breathing and relaxation.

Unfortunately by 4pm I still hadn’t appeared and there was no sign of her coming despite my best birth breaths! I was exhausted and dehydrated after 20hrs of labour (the surges were making me vomit!) so I had no choice – they transferred me to hosp. It really showed me the difference that relaxation can make…  All in all – the hypnobirthing was amazing I am am upset that I couldn’t have the birth I wanted. However, both of us are safe and well now. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend hypnobirthing and my midwives were very impressed too!

I am more than happy for you to post my birth story. I’d love to encourage other mums-to-be to use hypnobirthing if I can! I saw a different midwife again today and apparently I’m the talk of the community because of how relaxed I was during the home part!!

Hi Carolyn

Just a quick email to let you know that our little boy, A was born on his due date! He weighed 7.7lb and is doing really well.

The homebirth went (almost) as planned and the midwives said it was a textbook birth. I say almost as planned because i was so convinced that I wasnt in labour that i sent Michael off to a meeting in north wales expecting labour to not really kick in for a long time yet and he ended up missing the birth! Whilst I didn’t use the visualisation techniques (I could never properly get the hang of them!) I used the breathing and listened to the cd while I laboured and even managed to have a little sleep while I was contracting every 2-3 minutes so I definitely think the hypnobirthing worked.

By the time I called out the midwife I was 7cm dilated (and I thought she was going to tell me I have ages to go – shows how calm I must have been!) and A arrived 3 hours later. Total “official” labouring time was 9 hours with 20min second stage where I “breathed” him out. I think he would have arrived even quicker but I think I held myself back when I realised Michael wasn’t going to make it back in time and had to give myself a bit of a talking to that it wasn’t good for me or baby to hold back and that I should just let my body progress.

Even though I never got round to giving my midwife the hypnobirthing information and she didnt really know much about it, I found all the midwives present were pretty much following everything that was in the hypno book anyway – breathing out the baby, not using negative words, not asking me about pain etc…. (well apart from telling me that I must have a very high pain threshold!).

I did use gas and air towards the end but that was because my blood pressure was high and the midwife thought it would help bring it down, (and therefore avoid a hospital transfer) and she was right! I also ended up having the injection to bring out the placenta immediately afterwards which I wasn’t planning on having but by that point I just didn’t care and wanted to curl up with my new boy as quickly as possible!

Anyway, that was a bit of a longer email than I expected but I just wanted to let you know how well the birth went and to say THANK YOU for taking us through the hypnobirthing course as it played a huge part in our successful birth.


Anny, Michael and A

ps – Michael used the breathing techniques to help him relax just before his driving test and passed first time!

Hi Carolyn,

I have been so desperate to tell you all about the birth but haven’t been able to get more than 30 seconds to myself since Monday!!

Little M is absolutely gorgeous and we are all over the moon to have her here safe and well.

As you know, I was well and truly ready for this little one to be born – here is the birth story!!

The night of 10th April I was having tightening sensations but these were not painful at all. I had been having similar sensations for the previous week on and off so was not holding out to much hope of anything happening. I went to bed quite early just in case. I slept very well but then woke up with a heavy sensation in my lower tummy. I didn’t think to much of it, didn’t check what time it was just went back to sleep. It happened again shortly after and again but I was still dozing. When I checked the clock it was 6.45am so I thought I may as well get up. Although I suspected this may be the start of labour – I was not expecting what happened next!!

I went downstairs and realised that this feeling was coming every minute or so. My membranes were still in tact so I presumed I had a while but phoned for the two people I had arranged to take the kids to come over asap. Poor M had to get ready for school and I didn’t want E to be worried by the comings and goings. By 7.15am I knew things were progressing very quickly. I woke J and told him to erect the pool VERY quickly and to go and pick up my Mum. I was outside the front door in my nighty breathing through some very intense heavy pressure feelings – I was sensing the pushing bit coming, I had only been in labour for 30 mins and was totally on my own!

At about 8am the pool was inflated but taking a while to fill. I was breathing and focussing and felt very much in control and calm (even without the midwife there). At 8.15am I settled into postion on the livingroom floor (next to the huge birthing pool – lol) on my knees leaning over the sofa and knew the baby was almost here (still no midwife). A few minutes later the midwife arrived to me extremely calm and more concerned that I didn’t want to be naked in my livingroom , I wanted to be in the birthing pool – she eventually persuaded me to take off my pj bottoms and as if by magic my baby was born onto the floor (8.25am). Poor J had just left the room for 10 seconds to get my a non slip mat for my knees and he missed the actual birth – lol.

He said he thought I was way too calm and relaxed to be about to give birth!! He thought he would have at least another 30 mins or so!!

The placenta was delivered after about 30 mins with no Syntocin and they waited until everything had stopped pulsating, just as I wanted. They asked me if I was ready to have her weighed ( I was) and they all gasped when they realised she was 9lb 12oz!! She doesn’t look it, she’s really dainty!!

Anyhoo – I am absolutely positive that the hypnobirthing helped hugely. It was really not that painful at all, I had no desire for any other form of pain relief and was cool as a cucumber.

Thank you sooooo much for everything,

Natalie x

Hi Carolyn

Been a month now! Feel so much healthier!

Thank you so much for your help. My children are very pleased I quit!


Hi Carolyn,

Hope you’re well! I’ve been meaning to email you for a while but am only just getting round to doing it! Gareth and I had a baby girl  … she’s doing really well – she’s putting on weight fast and we’re really enjoying her! Thought you might like to hear a bit about the birth!

For a couple of days before her birth I had some ‘twinges’ so wasn’t surprised to wake up at 5am on Monday morning experiencing some period-type feelings. I had a bath and woke Gareth, put on the Hypnobirthing CD and got on with my relaxation exercises in bed. By about 9-10ish my surges were about 3 minutes apart so we decided to ring the Heath Midwifery Led Unit and made our way to the hospital. I was feeling quite well and managing well although I was a sick a few times which was annoying as I didn’t feel like eating!

When we got the MLU a Midwife assessed me and suggested we go for a walk or for some food as I wasn’t in established labour yet. Looking back this was quite a sensible suggestion but at the time I felt quite affronted and felt that I wanted to go home (I think I felt as though she didn’t feel that anything would be happening for a while) so told Gareth this is what we would be doing. We got back to the flat by about 12-1ish and again I retired to the bedroom where I did more relaxation exercises. It was quite a strange experience as I really felt as though I was sleeping through a lot of it and waking for the surges and breathing through them. This seemed to work quite well for me and time really was distorted – at 5pm I went into the living room and it really felt like I had only been in the bedroom for an hour or so. At this time things felt like they stepped up a gear and although nothing significant happened I suddenly felt that if we didn’t leave for the hospital asap I wouldn’t be able to go in the car. It was quite strange and Gareth has since said he was a bit sceptical as my surges were actually further apart at this stage. We set off for the hospital and by the time we got there I was finding it all a bit much – I think I still had in my head that I couldn’t be anywhere near giving birth and was panicking a little bit about what was to come!

At the MLU a brilliant Midwife assessed me and told us that I was 8cm! It was 18.10. We were very shocked and I’ve since found out that she told Gareth “I know you’ve planned a water birth but there’s no way she’s getting in the water, in fact she’s going to have to have the baby here” (we were in an assessment room and had not brought any of our stuff into the hospital, thinking that Gareth would go back out to get things). At this point my waters went, I was examined and told that I was fully dilated and that the baby was pretty much ready to meet us! This was the only part that was scary – basically the baby’s heart rate went right down and the staff at the MLU were quite insistent that she needed to be born as soon as possible. This wasn’t happening quickly enough so I was whizzed up to the consultant led part of the hospital and given an episiotomy and E was born with the help of ventouse. She was very alert straight away (which was great considering her heart rate prior to this) and I was handed her for a little while. Gareth was then the first one to properly hold her and tell me that we had a baby girl. She was examined and everything was fine. She seemed tiny, with lots of dark hair and long finger nails! They think that she got a bit panicky just before she was born as there was a little blood clot when the cord was cut, however they weren’t sure. After this we were allowed to go back to the MLU and relax. I was really pleased as straight after she was born she latched on and fed well – this seemed especially significant as the birth wasn’t exactly what I had in mind!

That said I found the first stage quite manageable and definitely feel that hypnobirthing enabled me to stay relaxed and calm and ultimately get through the labour basically at home without drugs etc. If I did things again I would definitely practise more (I think I would have found this even more beneficial) and I would leave for the hospital before the point of feeling that if I didn’t then I never would! However this was really hard as I really didn’t think I was at stage that I was then. Ideally a home birth would have been great (except for the end part obviously)!

Thank you for the support you gave us on the Hypnobirthing course – I truly feel that although my birth experience was not necessarily what I planned I have no regrets and feel that I used many of the techniques we learned to experience E’s birth in a much more calm and positive way than I might have done otherwise. If I have more children I will definitely be using hypnobirthing again but practising much more!

My name is Candy Boroditsky, and I am CEO of Reiki Fur Babies. Through Reiki Fur Babies I was able to develop a friendship with Carolyn. Her, and her husband were recently visiting the United States when we met up. Before her visit, we were communicating about my sugar addiction. I arranged to meet with Carolyn so I could receive hypnosis. I clearly remember Carolyn asking me, “ how will you know if the hypnosis is working? “  I told her for me it will be working when I no longer was eating or craving sweets. I have had several weeks of no sweets, but lately the tests have been really amazing. I have been at some wonderful dinners, and afterwards the waiter has been bringing out some incredible trays of sugary delights. They smell, and look so tasty, but I have no desire for them. My neighbor knows of my sweet tooth and shows up often with terrific sweet surprises. Yesterday she appeared at my door with warm cupcakes from this famous bakery. Lemon with coconut frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, orange flavored cupcakes, raspberry, you get the picture. She even brought ones made just for dogs, for Kc, and Star my two boxers. Now these were one of my all time favorite treats, and yet I took some, put them aside for others, and ate none myself. I just didn’t have that craving, or desire to eat anything sweet.

I am a woman who has had a candy drawer filled with all kinds of candy my entire adult life. Now the drawer is used for pens, and pencils. Carolyn I do believe the hypnosis is working, each and everyday. You did your homework, and really applied your expertise in helping cure my addiction.

With gratitude, Candy

I was totally relaxed & ready for sleep by the end. Caz’s soothing, comforting voice makes the experience even more remarkable.(@Tom_Godell )

@intuitivebridge:Have you listened to @nurturinglife ‘s relaxation mp3? It’s free. It turns me into a noodle

When I was thinking about doing a session with Carolyn, I have to admit I was a bit leary as the word “hypnosis” is involved.

Your mind goes back to the movies or to whatever you think hypnosis is, doing something that you don’t know or against your will.

But I trusted Carolyn so I decided to try it.  In my line of work, to be the most balanced and grounded is not only healthy for me but good for my clients as well. So along with walking , meditating  I was to raise the vibration of the food that I eat. I’m not a sweet eater so that’s not the problem. But it wouldnt hurt to be better at my choices.

The session was via Skype. It went very well. All it was to me was a guided meditation which I like and enjoy. I thought it was very calming and peaceful. The thing that surprised me is that I generated warmth and heat within myself. I never felt that I was not aware of what was going on. So I actually wondered if it worked? But little subtleties each day I would notice. Choosing a vegan mushroom soup for instance was new. It was very tasty.  At work one day, one of our colleagues bought everyone Dominos Pizza of which I had not eaten since I was in college! But being that it was offered to us, I ate it. Still at the lunch table I got incredible pounding headache! I flushed with lots of water. Realizing, wow, my body did NOT like that. Very low vibrational food.

I immediately thought of Carolyn. I’m looking forward to eating healthier and higher vibrational foods!! Thank you Carolyn for the session!


Founder and CFO,

Reiki Fur Babies

We had a little girl, on the 26th July at 1:17 in the morning The birth went really well – I had quite a long pre labour, which lasted over Saturday and Sunday (had increasingly strong tightening sensations thoughout the week), which was really managable with the hypno techniques meaning I could doze off between surges etc.  We called the midwife on Sunday when the surges were about 5 mins apart.  Things were still going nicely and I was about 3cm at this point.  However, during the exam the midwife did a sweep which meant that I went from 3-9cm in the space of about 2 hrs!  That was an intense experience!  I was so relieved to have the hypno and the water at this stage – both really helped!! I found being at home really beneficial as well.

When I got to the birth breathing, it became apparant that there were special circumstances and our DD was trying to come out with both her hands raised above her head and was getting a little bit distressed, so I breathed through a few of the expulsive surges to give her a rest (I don’t think I could have done this without the hypno training – it was a bit hardcore!) and got out of the pool at the midwives recommendation, and after some hard work she was then born!  It was a little dramatic, but we managed!  We kept it mostly drug free too – just had a some gas and air when the expulsive surges came in, but to be honest the most helpful thing I found about the g&a was that it forced you to focus your breathing.  After the birth, J asked the midwife what the chances would have been of a natural devliery taking place in hospital under those particular circumstances and she basically said things would have been v different – first they would have put the belt on me (which would have meant no water – a major disadvantage), I would have been kept to a bed and it would have been a completely different kind of birth.

J was amazing in the delivery – he kept me really calm and focused and didn’t freak out once!  We used quite a few of the techniques from hypnobirthing – light touch massage was really good, we did a couple of the rainbow relaxations and had the music on in the background and J would say prompts to me whilst I was having a surge.  Also, the birth breathing was really good, however this was the most difficult part for me, I think largely because of the position that DD was in.  I do think though, that if I had done the “purple pushing” from the outset, things would have become so swollen that I would have had to have had assistance with the delivery, so I think the genleness of the birth breathing helped in the long run.

So we have our little girl, which is amazing and we had our home/water/hypno birth which is what we wanted and have no regrets.  Honestly, it was a much more intense experience than I thought it would be towards the end, but was so glad that we had those techniques to help us through 🙂  Also, despite the special circumstances, the bit the midwives counted as “birth” (i.e. from when the surges were 5 mins apart to L being born) only lasted about 5 hours – our community midwife was really impressed and said that that would have been a quickie even for a second or third baby!

K & J Morgan

We have GOOD news. Little girl (8lbs) born this morning – in water – at home. Only a 4 hr labour. No pushing. No stiches. No retained plactenta. Everybody fine. No names yet. Have passed on your details to some very impressed midwives


HypnoBirthing rocks!