Are you trying to conceive?

If you’re reading this, then chances are that thoughts of having a baby are taking over your life.

You may be feeling under pressure because your body clock is ticking, and everything you read or hear is bombarding you with news that you’re getting too old and it will be really difficult to get pregnant.

All that fear can be adding to the conflict you already feel over finding time or money for a family, maybe you feel conflict about combining a successful career with motherhood, or just worry that you won’t be a good mum. You may be looking at your job as something that’s getting in the way of you being a mum, but you’re too scared to give it up.

Sometimes it’s hard to work out how you can fit a baby in with your established lifestyle without losing too much of what you’ve worked hard for, and yet you can feel like a failure because you can’t control what your body does…but what your body does is controlling you more and more.

You probably know you should be having more sex, but you’re either too tired after work, or it’s become too mechanical and has lost all sense of “making love”. You want the job of more connection with your partner, but you’re starting to think “what’s the point?” – and he doesn’t really understand, just tells you to relax, you’re trying too hard…and you feel like murdering him every time he says it, so you shut up and suppress your feelings, until they erupt in massive mood swings.


Do you need help and support trying to conceive?

I have created a free short affirmation course to help you feel more positive about what is happening in your life. This course consists of an mp3 containing 33 affirmations, and a daily email focussing on one affirmation each day for 33 days. To get your mp3 and email course, just add your details below so I know where to send it.

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Want some 1:1 help? The next step is to schedule a free pre-conception discovery session with me.

During this powerful, 1-on-1 coaching session, we’ll work together to:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the ideal life you’ll be living in your new, optimum fertile state
  • Uncover hidden challenges or fears that may be sabotaging your fertility and keeping you feeling like you have no control of your life anymore and
  • Leave this session renewed,inspired, and ready to finally take back control of your life and your fertility.