Natalie’s birth story

Hi Carolyn,

I have been so desperate to tell you all about the birth but haven’t been able to get more than 30 seconds to myself since Monday!!

Little M is absolutely gorgeous and we are all over the moon to have her here safe and well.

As you know, I was well and truly ready for this little one to be born – here is the birth story!!

The night of 10th April I was having tightening sensations but these were not painful at all. I had been having similar sensations for the previous week on and off so was not holding out to much hope of anything happening. I went to bed quite early just in case. I slept very well but then woke up with a heavy sensation in my lower tummy. I didn’t think to much of it, didn’t check what time it was just went back to sleep. It happened again shortly after and again but I was still dozing. When I checked the clock it was 6.45am so I thought I may as well get up. Although I suspected this may be the start of labour – I was not expecting what happened next!!

I went downstairs and realised that this feeling was coming every minute or so. My membranes were still in tact so I presumed I had a while but phoned for the two people I had arranged to take the kids to come over asap. Poor M had to get ready for school and I didn’t want E to be worried by the comings and goings. By 7.15am I knew things were progressing very quickly. I woke J and told him to erect the pool VERY quickly and to go and pick up my Mum. I was outside the front door in my nighty breathing through some very intense heavy pressure feelings – I was sensing the pushing bit coming, I had only been in labour for 30 mins and was totally on my own!

At about 8am the pool was inflated but taking a while to fill. I was breathing and focussing and felt very much in control and calm (even without the midwife there). At 8.15am I settled into postion on the livingroom floor (next to the huge birthing pool – lol) on my knees leaning over the sofa and knew the baby was almost here (still no midwife). A few minutes later the midwife arrived to me extremely calm and more concerned that I didn’t want to be naked in my livingroom , I wanted to be in the birthing pool – she eventually persuaded me to take off my pj bottoms and as if by magic my baby was born onto the floor (8.25am). Poor J had just left the room for 10 seconds to get my a non slip mat for my knees and he missed the actual birth – lol.

He said he thought I was way too calm and relaxed to be about to give birth!! He thought he would have at least another 30 mins or so!!

The placenta was delivered after about 30 mins with no Syntocin and they waited until everything had stopped pulsating, just as I wanted. They asked me if I was ready to have her weighed ( I was) and they all gasped when they realised she was 9lb 12oz!! She doesn’t look it, she’s really dainty!!

Anyhoo – I am absolutely positive that the hypnobirthing helped hugely. It was really not that painful at all, I had no desire for any other form of pain relief and was cool as a cucumber.

Thank you sooooo much for everything,

Natalie x

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