Testimonial – Sugar Addiction

My name is Candy Boroditsky, and I am CEO of Reiki Fur Babies. Through Reiki Fur Babies I was able to develop a friendship with Carolyn. Her, and her husband were recently visiting the United States when we met up. Before her visit, we were communicating about my sugar addiction. I arranged to meet with Carolyn so I could receive hypnosis. I clearly remember Carolyn asking me, “ how will you know if the hypnosis is working? “  I told her for me it will be working when I no longer was eating or craving sweets. I have had several weeks of no sweets, but lately the tests have been really amazing. I have been at some wonderful dinners, and afterwards the waiter has been bringing out some incredible trays of sugary delights. They smell, and look so tasty, but I have no desire for them. My neighbor knows of my sweet tooth and shows up often with terrific sweet surprises. Yesterday she appeared at my door with warm cupcakes from this famous bakery. Lemon with coconut frosting, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, orange flavored cupcakes, raspberry, you get the picture. She even brought ones made just for dogs, for Kc, and Star my two boxers. Now these were one of my all time favorite treats, and yet I took some, put them aside for others, and ate none myself. I just didn’t have that craving, or desire to eat anything sweet.

I am a woman who has had a candy drawer filled with all kinds of candy my entire adult life. Now the drawer is used for pens, and pencils. Carolyn I do believe the hypnosis is working, each and everyday. You did your homework, and really applied your expertise in helping cure my addiction.

With gratitude, Candy

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