Stoptober – when does willpower work?


Smoking hypnotherapy

Smoking hypnotherapy

It’s Stoptober again, the time of year when smokers get bombarded with messages off doom and gloom about how unhealthy their habit is.

Funnily enough, most smokers already know this, so reinforcing the message may work for some, but on the whole is it really effective?

Smoking is a habit. Habits form part of our subconscious behaviour. When your brain decides to store some behaviour in your subconscious, it believes it is doing so in your best interests- there is a positive, protective intent.

Perhaps when you consciously started smoking, it was a time when you felt lonely or a bit of an outsider, and smoking made you part of a new gang of friends? Or maybe it was a way of rebelling against your parents and showing them you were your own independent person who wouldn’t fit in their box. Maybe you believed it was the easiest way of staying slim?

All of these were perfectly logical at the time, but now you are older they are probably not relevant any more. Even though you may know this and consciously wish to change,  it is the subconscious that has to be addressed and persuaded to fall in line with your conscious mind…because the habit is stored in your subconscious.

Willpower works at a conscious level and will only work if your subconscious agrees that it is better for you to stop than continue. This is why willpower will work for some people and fail miserably for others – there is inner conflict between opposing parts of you.

Hypnotherapy allows you to bypass your conscious mind and get straight to the decision maker in your subconscious.

Provided the suggestions you hear in hypnosis give your subconscious better reason to change than to stay the same, then you will stop smoking straight away and the desire will have gone.

If you are ready to be a non-smoker, contact me at to schedule a session.

There is a 20% discount during Stoptober month, and sessions can be held over skype if you are not local to the Newport/Cardiff area of South Wales.

You can also contact me via my website at or through the pop-up box on the site.

Is it time for you to live in harmony with yourself?


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