Effective Ways to Manage Stress #4

4. When You Can’t Change It, Change the Way You See It

One type of stress none of us can avoid is Environmental Stress. Environmental stress is the stress that you can do absolutely nothing about. This includes things like the weather, traffic, and getting stuck in the slowest line at the post office.

Since we can do nothing about environmental stressors, an effective way to deal with them is to let go of the hold they have on us and reframe the experience.

One way to do that is to reframe a stressful situation and see it with a perspective of gratitude.  For example, instead of being overwhelmed by piles of laundry, you can say to yourself, “I’m so fortunate to have all these clothes to wear.”  Or when you are stuck in the slowest queue at the supermarket, you can look at your trolley full of food and remember to be grateful that you can buy what you need.

Other people choose to do practical things to reduce their stress.  For example, try keeping audiobooks in your car to make your slow commute more tolerable.  As you drive you can listen to entertaining or educational materials that you wouldn’t make time for otherwise.  Or you can carry a magazine or book to read when you are encountered with unexpected delays.

By letting go and reframing the experience, you will find that you can take environmental stress in stride.


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