C & S’s birth story

Hi Carolyn!

As you’ve probably seen we had a baby girl Wed night.

My waters went Tues eve and my mid-wife arrived at 7am Wed. I was using the hypnobirthing techniques which worked amazingly well! I was already 8cm dilated when my midwife arrived! By 10am I was fully dilated and second midwife in attendance. They both commented that you wouldn’t know I was in labour and it was the most relaxing birth they had ever seen!!

I started using gas & air at this point as I was getting tired but still managed to using my breathing and relaxation.

Unfortunately by 4pm I still hadn’t appeared and there was no sign of her coming despite my best birth breaths! I was exhausted and dehydrated after 20hrs of labour (the surges were making me vomit!) so I had no choice – they transferred me to hosp. It really showed me the difference that relaxation can make…  All in all – the hypnobirthing was amazing I am am upset that I couldn’t have the birth I wanted. However, both of us are safe and well now. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend hypnobirthing and my midwives were very impressed too!

I am more than happy for you to post my birth story. I’d love to encourage other mums-to-be to use hypnobirthing if I can! I saw a different midwife again today and apparently I’m the talk of the community because of how relaxed I was during the home part!!

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