Hi, I’m Carolyn.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (well, Wales), I found a passion as an advocate for underdogs, people who didn’t like to conform to rules and who wanted to find another way to improve their life.

I found an excellent way to help others in this situation when I studied hypnotherapy as a result of it blowing my mind during pregnancy…after all, how else could I be looking forward to giving birth?!

Since then, I’ve expanded my toolkit of therapies to teach and help others. I love helping couples overcome emotional and physical issues to become pregnant and then to achieve the right birth on the day using The Wise Hippo birthing programme. Once you gain an understanding of how your mind works, you have tools for life, not just for birth.  I’ve worked with emotional eaters, people who’ve been abused and bullied and many seeking solutions to their mid-life crisis.

I’m based in Belfast, N.Ireland and my conversations tend to involve Time Lords, aliens, fairies and unicorns.

I offer courses in person and online –  hopefully they blow your mind too!


What is Nurturing Life About?


Verb   — to care for and encourage growth or development

Cherish — a hope, belief, or ambition

Nurturing Life:

  • Inspires you to feel empowered to make positive changes in your life
  • Helps you overcome limiting beliefs and behaviour
  • Treats your unique situation with dignity and respect
  • Provides you with a safe environment and respect confidentiality
  • Supports you over the length of time you need in order to achieve your goals
  • Welcomes diversity and won’t label or judge you
  • Focuses on solutions
  • Adheres to the code of ethics of the General Hypnotherapy Council
Nurturing Life changes your life! Take small steps or giant leaps; make the positive changes you need to nurture your life.


Professional Associations

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